If You Don’t Follow These 9 Tech Content Creators, You’re Missing Out

Social media is an extremely polarizing subject. It either slowly destroys social skills or allows people with unheard voices to share their views around the world – depending on who you ask.

For me, I fall somewhere in the middle. Social media definitely distracts me from time to time, just as much as the next girl. But, through social media, I also learn amazing data science and programming tips, get uplifting reminders and real life stories from fellow women in STEM, and find some pretty funny, relatable technology memes along the way.

Social media is like anything else in life – it’s what you make of it that determines your experience. So, if you want to enhance your social feeds with education, positivity, and laughter, check out these nine technology content creators that earn a 5 star review from me.


Instagram was the first platform where I was exposed to the idea of using social media to connect with people who had a mutual interest for data. It was while I was scrolling my Instagram feed on a sleepless Wednesday night after drinking too much espresso that I actually decided I was going to start using social media as a way to share my journey as a female data scientist.

Instagram can be detrimental to one’s mental health if used improperly (for comparison, jealousy, etc). The creators below are some of the ones who, in my opinion, are making Instagram a better place.

1. Samantha M. (@samzee_codes)

Audience: People who are interested in entering the field of data science and need guidance on where to start, or people who are already in the field and looking to further their knowledge with skillful explanations of advanced topics.
Types of Content: Life as a Data Scientist, R, Machine Learning, Cloud Services

2. Micah C. (@multimicah)

Audience: Anyone who is interested in learning more about design, or just enjoys well-designed graphics with a great message.
Types of Content: Design, Technology, Self-Improvement, Productivity

3. Eltondore – Coding Comics (@bogwarts)

Audience: All people who have enough programming knowledge to understand simple references and can appreciate lighthearted humor delivered via overwhelmingly adorable characters.
Types of Content: Coding/Harry Potter Comics, Comedy


Youtube is an intriguing platform. In my opinion, it played a large role in developing a whole new perception of social media, and shifted the way that people reach out and interact with their “followers” online.

Youtube also takes a special kind of person. You have to be B-R-A-V-E to get in front of a camera lens and put your thoughts, experiences, and lifestyle (not to mention your face) out in the open for everyone to critique without seeming self-centered or fake. I have so much respect for Youtubers. I wish that I could be one, because I feel it would be a great way to share mine and other women’s STEM stories. And maybe some day, I will be. In the meantime, though, I’ll keep watching this creator who is giving Youtube the content it so desperately needs.

4. Kierra S. (Kierra Page)

Audience: Future coders, analysts, data scientists, or engineers who want to know what majoring in Computer Science is really like… plus extra points for lady nerds who need a little girl power in their life.
Types of Content: Life as a CS Student, Coffee coffee coffee, Women Empowerment


If I could think of one word to describe Twitter, I would without hesitation choose savage. I’ve seen some of the most hilarious, harmless, lighthearted jokes on Twitter, but I’ve also seen some things that I wish people would unsay (or un-tweet, rather).

Believe it or not, the technology sector of Twitter is actually quite motivating, uplifting, and supportive. I really do intend to make more genuine connections on Twitter in 2020. One woman in particular has stood out to me more than any Tweeter I have encountered so far.

5. Julia E. (@b0rk)

Audience: People who are interested in technology, with all levels of knowledge from knowing how to turn on a computer to creating a properly architected, fully scalable piece of software.
Types of Content: Programming, Linux, Containers, Computer Networking


Hello TikTok my (not so) old friend….. Please don’t discredit me for including TikTok. I know it’s the cilantro of social media (you either want to drown in it or think it tastes like dirt, no in between).

Remember what I said in the introduction? Social media is what you make it of it. So hear me out, because this TikToker is worth it.

6. Adria N. (@adrianicolee)

Audience: Any bada$$ woman who wants to know more about what it takes to become an engineer from another inspirational, bada$$ woman.
Types of Content: Life as a Woman Engineer, STEM jokes, Motivation, Inspiration


Full disclosure: I am NOT a podcast girl. I like to learn with my eyeballs. If I can’t see what I am learning, I tend to zone out and focus on the crooked photo hanging on the wall instead.

However, these podcasts hooked me. Whenever I find myself in a scenario where I know I can fully focus and devote my attention, I will turn on these podcasts to further my knowledge.

7. DataFramed (by DataCamp)

Audience: Individuals who are passionate about the field of data science and want to know more about real life applications and experiences in the field.
Types of Content: Data Scientist Interviews, Data Science at Work in Real Companies

8. Coding Blocks (by CodingBlocks.Net)

Audience: Software engineers, database engineers, or QA engineers with moderate experience who want to fine tune their practices while simultaneously enjoying an abundance of dad jokes.
Types of Content: Design Patterns, Software Architecture, Coding for Performance, OOP, Database Design


I’m pretty new to the blog scene. I used to think blogs were just a place for one to talk about the last charcuterie board they had (oh, how life humbles you and comes full circle). But, blogging is for everyone, and there is something so enjoyable about consuming information in blog format. It is too in depth for an Instagram or Twitter post, but maybe not complex enough for a full paper or video. Blogs are a great way to get quick exposure to a new concept.

I have found so many amazing bloggers as I have been continuing on this blog journey, but I picked one in particular that made me open my eyes to the power of blogging for educational purposes.

9. Kishen S. (on Towards Data Science)

Audience: Machine learning enthusiasts and data lovers with all experience levels ranging from novice to expert.
Types of Content: Machine Learning, Data Science Career Advice, Common Data Scientist Mistakes

I hope you enjoy checking out these amazing content creators who have had a positive effect on my social media feeds. If you have any other suggestions on ways that you keep your skills sharp in your STEM field (podcasts, blogs, Youtubers, etc.) drop them in the comments below!

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